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Violence and Your Games
Today I type up a little gripe! It's something that has been nagging at me for several years and the chewy pain of it is getting a bit much. The topic: Gaming.
More precisely violence in games...
I want less of it.

Now! I'm not one of those monkeys leaping up and down waving a picket chanting "VIOLENCE BAD!" like some frantic mother who wants Gandhi for a child.
I'm one of those standing outside the game dev company buildings, peering in through the windows, whimpering occasionally, as people walk past, "Variety good?"

My gripe lies with the fact that I'm bored with hacking, slashing and fireballing umpteen-million little ugly things with the occasional big ugly thing thrown in. It's fun now and then yeah! I love SSBB! I enjoy a lot of games where the focus is maiming enemies in a variety of interesting ways but I would like something new.

As for multi-player things: the only mulit-player stuff I see any more is "hackety-slashy gore fest 12" where you need to try kill each other or work with each other to kill other things. (Be they player or AI? Doesn't matter.)

Now before anyone says "But you've got non-violent games! Look at the Sims and Harvest Moon and [insert another title here cos I can't think of more now cos it's late]..."
My reply to you is vaguely reminiscent of what my vegetarian friend said about the "vegetarian" menu at a restaurant. "2 choices is not a menu. That's just an option. May I have variety please!? I like to pick from 10 dishes just as much as any meat eater out there."
I personally would like to see more co-op non-violent games purely because they sound fun! It's one reason why I'm programming my own game right now. I would like to see something different and interesting and does not revolve around who can kill the greatest number of things within an alotted amount of time.

As for most MMORPGs... Well... At this point you should put on protective clothing or at least wear goggles and some protective mouth cover cos I spit with rage here. TWITS!!! ALL OF THEM! My problem with MMORPGs is that they are all about gunning down monsters and being rewarded for mindless item collection quests. This, along with the PVP stuff just promotes who-has-the-bigger-peen competitions and is there purely for those who don't have one at all and like to try to bolster their ego by showing off in games. Even in Co-op mode! It's all about "Being the man!" To aggravate it further, most of the ones that do this are the super dorks who live in their mom's basements at age 45 and retarded spoilt twinks, both of whom spend their every waking moment obsessing over the game, becoming ridiculously over powered and leveled up and strut around trying to impress everyone by being so annoying that the other players would rather set fire to their own computer than carry on playing. I would love to force them to play as a low level support unit and deprive them of the ability to chat so they can't try give orders and complain when "you guys should've done what I said..."

Table top role playing also get a free mention here because of the players thing. I only run games where I personally invite the players. NO RANDOMS EVER AGAIN! It's never about being a character in a deep and interesting world, interacting with other characters and a moving story line. With most people it's a case of "How can I bend the rules so I can feel powerful in a virtual sense because I have no self-confidence and feel weak in the real world?" or if they are inlcined to try put any emotional back ground to their character (usually at my prompting, begging and threatening) it's "They are awesome and can do everything and stand to the side looking cool all the time, never talking to any one."

So all I ask is more variety in games where trying to out do each other is not the flavour of the day. I want some calm and interesting mulitplayer interaction. Something that involves a little more thought than "Push button to have ego stroked."

But of course I won't get that because intellectual doesn't sell in this age of hyperactive, trigger happy egomaniacs and if it doesn't sell then no one will make it because it's all about the money in the end and not about fun.

Nintendo seems to be trying a bit here but all they have so far are little silly fiddely games like the things PopCap games produces. Fun yes but not epic and the novelty soon wears off.

Not much has changed in all of history. To the death combat has always been the entertainment of choice with the human race. Public stoning, gladiator arenas. Heck! It used to be considered a day out for the whole family to go to the town square and watch criminals get executed! Children half price admission! (And I'm not being facetious here. That really did happen!) Only now no one "really" has to die cos it's all virtual and even the unfit geeks, who are only alive because of copious amounts of medical care and would otherwise not be able to fight his way out of a brown paper bag, can participate in the slaughter at the touch of a button.


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